Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lottie's collection.

Through the years many of my pieces hung in my mother-in-law's home. When our Grossie died early this month, I photographed her entire collection which follows here.
Below is an oil painting done on canvas in 1968. It is 24" x 24".
 The following blue oil painting, done in 1968, is 36" x 24"
 Below is the only piece I ever painted with house paint (lack of supplies in college!) 1968 36" x 30"
 The magazine images were put together by making transparencies and overlapping them.  1969 36" x 30"
 Below is a colored pencil drawing done in 1970 especially for Lottie's kitchen.
 Two oil on canvas works that can be joined either left or right. 1970 22" x 16" high and 38" x 16" high

 Another collage from the pages of National Geographic. 1970 26" x 9"
 One of my first textured paintings - done after graduating from college in 1971. 10" x 12"
 Textured painting done in 1974. 24" x 14"
 Below another textured painting done in 1974. 28" x 12"
 A three piece textured painting with some magazine pictures done in 1975. 26" x 36"
 A splattered watercolor painting done in 1976. 36" x 24"
 Below, a larger textured painting done in 1977. 37" x 28" 
 Another textured painting follows, from 1979. 40" x 30"
 A smaller textured work in butterscotch. 1979 12" x 15"
 A larger seven piece painting approximately 48" x 36". 1979
 Small textured painting from 1980. 9" x 12"
 Magazine photos again. 1982 24" x 12"
 The following four collages were done on the backs of paneling samples - all approximately 24" x 18". 1983

 Below is an acrylic painting done on canvas. 32" x 40" 1983
A textured painting from 1985 follows. 36" x 24"
 Two puzzles which follow were coated with polymer medium. 1985

 Below are two textured paintings done in 1997 which were part of a remodeling of the living room. 36" x 24"

 Above & below are two recents works commemorating the births of Lana & Sophia. 8.5" x 12"

Monday, December 27, 2010

Digital scrapbooking - Sophia!

Meanwhile, back at the computer, I used Sophia's lavender color as the base for this digital collage.  (Revised November 5, 2011) 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A fun little experiment

Sometimes I like the way a particular painting worked out. I feel the need to explore further. I think I'd like to try again with this layout! The truth be told, I'd like to try earth tones. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mansfield University's Art DepARTment holds a Holiday Bazaar in the new Allen Hall

After the Holiday Concert, the crowd visited the new building and was treated to light refreshments and student artwork.  Many people roamed the halls to see the new building and the artwork.  Pieces of art were for sale in the gallery and vintage old Allen Hall chairs painted with various motifs were offered at silent auction