Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sea Hag Soaps & Art Mercantile

 I had the pleasure of visiting the Sea Hag Mercantile today. A friend had encouraged me to meet the owner and founder Colleen to determine if my work would be a good fit for the store. Below is the sign/trademark by the entrance to the barn: 
 Just a hint of the many and unusual things inside!

 Above a glimpse of the "stuff" and one of the friendly helpers. Below a view from the second story balcony-like area:

 The art on the walls was fresh and vibrant:

There were various art forms throughout the building.

There was even a bargain basement which included antiques.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The ARTSfest was fun and successful!

My friend Andy Wales had the space next to me at the Athens ARTSfest this year. I really enjoyed watching him work during the very few slow times!  Below you can see how large many comic book artists do their drawings - then they scan and reduce their images.

 Above, a happy visitor shows off the dinosaur that Andy drew for him!
Below, you can see Andy being my double - he took over my demonstrations when I would go to the break room.
 Below is a piece made by Nancy Schindler - we arranged a trade. I am quite attracted to her work - hmm, could it be the way that she uses textures. I really like how the glazes work with the impressions - lots of subtle things going on.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A couple of larger horizontal pieces

These two pieces are 48" wide. There have been made to fit the space above a sliding glass door and a large window at Connie Sickler's Settlement House in Sylvania, PA.