Friday, May 15, 2009

Three man show at North Hall, Mansfield University

Tom Kisiel sent me these photos of the ART exhibit in North Hall. His paintings are fun and serious at the same time. Below are two photo examples of his work.
Next are some of the things that Owen Crumb has made. He likes to work with natural things and uses his superior craftmanship and analytical mind to build varied things.
Below we have photos of some of Randy McKee's posters that he has designed for his artroom at the R.B.Walter Elementary School.
Isn't ART great! There are so many ways to express oneself. There are so many powerful statements to be made. There is so much wonder in what can BE.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Athens ARTSfest 3

I spent both days of the ARTSfest demonstrating and talking to interested persons. Sometimes I talked to fast. I met a teacher who told me she taught science and physics. I was totally impressed, but I think she took offense when I said something like - women usually didn't know about that stuff. Sorry.
Corey posed beside "Sponge Bob" who was made by my friend Andy Wales, his students and student teacher Mat Malloy. Corey was hoping to win the raffle and take Sponge Bob home!
I believe that this year was the first to have carnival rides at the ARTSfest. Below Corey and his grandfather are on the ferris wheel.
I visit with Norm every year. His wife makes soaps and lotions and he help her. They live outside of Port Allegany about a mile from my brother-in-law's farm.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Athens ARTSfest 2

Andy shot this photo of me behind my demonstration table and with my work in the background. While sitting at his table, Andy Wales captured this "comicization" of me.
The bagpipers marched past during the first afternoon. Very impressive and touching! Grandson Corey posed with me while his other grandfather took this picture to show off my blue ribbon.

Athens ARTSfest 1

The ARTSfest was hugh again this year. Thousands of people walked through our little corner of the show (cafeteria #1) and many stopped to talk, look, watch and buy. Below is former MU art ed student Lynn Rosenberger talking to the art teacher/comic book maker Andy Wales.
Below Andy is pencilling the final version of a comic book page.
"Stones by Stalkers" was set up near the door to the parking lot - lots of foot traffic here!
Jillian's penguins sold out the first day, so she had to travel home to make more - another late night.
Val West and her daughter Mandy spend two days away from Mansfield (my town, too) selling gourds in the hallway between the two cafeterias. All told there were nearly 200 artisans exhibiting during the ARTSfest!