Monday, March 16, 2009

Other artists try textured paintings!

I have taught my techniques through the years. Sometimes in the public schools, sometimes in an MU design class, sometimes during group shows and sometimes by private appointment. I am willing to share because I usually learn something new by seeing how others use similar materials and techniques. I also believe that "new" art techniques should be open to all. Heather Ketcham, an MU art student, did the above round artwork and the shaped middle one. The yellow artwork was done by a 3rd grade student in the Galeton Elementary School this year.
Owen Crumb, another MU art student, did the artwork just below during a workshop I gave at the university.
Trish Seibert, the elementary art teacher in Galeton, did the sampler below after taking part in another workshop I did at MU.


Andrew Wales said...

I wish I could get in on one of these!

Did you know you can have your settings on Face book so that automatically every blog entry becomes a "note" on your profile?

Then each entry is announced to your friends.

Paul Bozzo said...

Whoa - thanks for the tip about FB. I'll check into it! AND you are welcome anytime to descend my cellar stairs and enter the world of textured paintings.