Monday, June 8, 2009

Rainy evening in Williamsport

I enjoyed meeting many people on First Friday. I demonstated and talked and gathered a couple new ideas. I did gain an interesting commission - I'm to do a painting for a man who worked for Trimtex for many years. I'm going to try three paintings using only Trimtex products to make the textures. Below is part of my display in the store - there are a few of the wares in the foreground.
Trimtex makes every kind of trim, yarn, patches, bling that exist. Here is an early machine that is loaded with lots of thread to make another piece of trim.
In the photo below, Kristina is waiting on a customer. Kristina was, about four years ago, one of the student teachers that I supervised for MU. She is that one who hooked me up with the store for First Friday.
There is free trolley service every First Friday so that everyone can get to all the displays and functions.


Andrew Wales said...

I wish I could have combined a college visit for Dan with taking in your show. As you know the last week of school is quite busy, and the kids kept me running with their demands.

Paul Bozzo said...

I drove by the college on the way into downtown - the campus is gorgeous!