Monday, January 4, 2010

Framed yesterday -


Becky said...

Hi Paul,
I LOVE your work! I have tried to follow your lead, but my finished product is not so hot. I'm a little fuzzy on what colors to keep and what to wipe away.

Do you travel to teach classes? We have a great mountain studio in Colorado that hosts artists. Hmmmm.....

Paul Bozzo said...

Hmmmmm - my son lived in Colorado for 3 years and we loved visiting!

"art sensei" , Karen said...

Paul, I enjoyed checking out your blog and I love your artwork. Karen

Just Me said...

Hi Paul!

Your art is amazing! I went straight out to Home Depot and loaded up on joint compound & hardboard. Then went over to Blicks and got the paint. I already had the polymer gloss, stamps, doilies and sandpaper.

This certainly isn't an overnight project! It takes days to complete a piece and now I understand why you do them in batches.

I've completed three paintings and they turned out great! My husband even liked them!

I agree with Becky that I'm fuzzy on when to wipe a color and when to keep it. I'm hopeful that as I do more paintings, I'll get a better "feel" for it.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent! And I love your last name!