Sunday, May 29, 2011


I had a try at being an artist-in-residence at a local elementary school. The music teacher Helen Feaster, at Liberty Elementary, approached me with the proposal in March. I thought that it was a great idea! Hmmmm - trying to teach my "textured painting" techniques involves a lot of hauling of materials. The students in two 4th grade sections learned how and made their own textured boards over a three day period. We timed things so that the joint compound would have a weekend to dry. But first, I spent a day showing slides and explaining what it was like to spend my life involved in the visual arts. I taught elementary art for 31 years and I've made my textured paintings since 1971. I now work with art student teachers. I told the kids that I'm a lucky man. Here's the first group that listened to my lecture (Mrs. Krotzer's 5th grade). Following are a number of photographs from both Mrs. Ostrom's and Mrs. Alexander's 4th grade classrooms which show the various steps the students went through to get their finished boards.

Ah, let's get to work:

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Andrew Wales said...

I'm sure they loved it! Great idea.