Saturday, December 31, 2011


Just a little fun with digital photographs of my work from this past year. Now it's time to start anew and hope for productive ideas and unseen colors.


Art Expression said...

You have beautiful art.....= )

Andrew Wales said...

That would make a great poster.

Also, what if you did some large pieces, and didn't use textures right up to the very edge -- but had smooth edges like this image, painted black?

You know how I like suggesting ideas! :)

Paul Bozzo said...

Thank-you Art Expression! And Andy I have in mind to get a poster size print of this piece and some similar ones that I've finished. I have a small photo show next month at the Native Bagel in Wellsboro. Each print will be 16" by 20" and all are made up of mutiple images. I raided Hobby Lobby yesterday for a bunch of large frames at half price for my show. I bought your #5 Electic Comic the first day I saw it in Night & Day! Top shelf work! I so enjoy your various stories and educational pieces. Happy New Year! (I like your suggestion, too! Aahhh, maybe this is going to be a great year for all of us!)