Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The other two prints in the Native Bagel:

Now I’ve taken another step in the developing of my composites.  I decided to try overlapping images rather than just placing them side by side.  Making some of the photographs semi-transparent added another dimension and added to my fun.   I use an old Adobe computer program to work on my images. (Many photographers refer to their photo-program as their digital darkroom.)  Originally this piece had only silverware images.  I can’t live well without color, so I tried a number of other kinds of images.  I was happy to find that the green and red worked well with the silver.  I liked the feel of the organic plants with the precision of the manufactured utensils.
This composite is quite similar to the “Forks & Berries” image in its structure. I was happy to have some circles, the bowl, and ovals, the eggs, to oppose all the right angles formed by the borders of the images. I found that it was challenging to decide when enough was enough. I used some intuition to help balance the images – I considered dark & light, bright& faded, square & round with a few lines for fun.   

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