Monday, March 11, 2013


Here's a commissioned piece for a new coffee shop - coming to Bloomsburg soon!  (It's four feet long.) (Becca's in charge!)


Emma Stone said...

Wow - another beautiful piece ! SO far I've completed 2 works using your method and I'm having a problem. I followed all the steps from your video, however, when I put the colors on and then try to wipe off areas ( as you do with a cotton cloth), I have to really scrub hard for any thing to come off. When I watch you do it, it seems to come off so easily with the cloth and a bit of spit as you say - lol
Am I making the paint too thick ? I am always sore in the shoulder after I finish a work and methinks I'm doing something wrong? Any ideas ? Thanks !

Paul Bozzo said...

Hi Emma - some colors work better than others. Pthalo blue is really difficult. Tips - 1. have a shinny finish (two coats of gloss medium before you start any colors) 2. add some burnt umber to the darker colors 3. add enough water to the paint so it feels like finger paint - creamy when you rub it on 4. smooth wet paint with a paper towel. Some colors come off easily even a day later. Maybe you are putting the paint on too thickly? Maybe it's the brand of paint? I use Liquitex products almost exclusively.

Emma Stone said...

Hi Paul, Yes pthalo blue was in both of my pieces as I really love that color. I just purchased some burnt umber in the Liquitex brand and will try your suggestions. I am very happy with how my first 2 works turned out - I didn't know I would have to suffer to get them right though...LOL
Practice makes perfect as they say and I'll keep at it. Seeing each new piece that you add to your site gives me inspiration that maybe one day I can achieve that beautiful balanced look you have. Thank you for your advice !