Saturday, December 14, 2013

The final version of the Cream Ridge Winery Triptych is underway!

Well begun, well done. 1.Lots of water needed to make the impressions, 2. Dry and ready to be sanded, 3. Sanding is done - removed the puckers from pressing the stamps into the plaster, 4. Two coats of a type of "varnish" - polymer gloss medium. Ready to add the three layers of color!


Brenda said...

Do yo ever have a problem with it warping?

Paul Bozzo said...

The Masonite I work on does warp when wet but it settles down when it dries. I use a cross-brace on larger pieces to prevent any warping on down the road.

Brenda said...

The ends of mine have lifted. My process is different from yours, I build my base first. I then use the drywall compound and then let dry. Perhaps I need to rethink this. I do not use a centre brace, I don't think it would have helped. Thank you for your help.