Monday, March 17, 2008

Crafts 1 - Santas & a Dog

About ten years ago, I made a cutout, wooden Santa for my wife to put on the front porch. It was requested of me for many years before I actually made one. I did it at school so the kids could enjoy it and I could keep it secret. I did not foresee that many of my friends at school would have me making Santas for a few Christmas seasons. Then I was enjoying the work so much that I made more for a Christmas Art Show. I did 25 Santas the first year. I called these Santas "three board Santas." I reckon that I've done about fifty Santas, a few witches and rabbits, and one fairy. A snowman has been requested. This past Christmas, little Talon wanted to hug one of the Santas when he first saw it.
I've just finished Hunter who is related (as much as a dog can be) to Talon. I wonder if Talon will want to hug him, too.
My first attempt of stylizing Hunter was too wild (above). So I repainted him, but I still tried to keep a similar style (below).

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Andrew Wales said...

The wild styled Talon would make a cool sheep's wool treatment.

You are quite the folk artist as well I see. Those are the coolest Santa's I've ever seen.