Friday, March 28, 2008

More fun with wine labels

I glue the labels onto a textured panel before I add the color layers. It makes a nice, clean look.
Below is the form that I made from mat board scraps. I use it to impress the bottle shapes into the plaster - the opposite of the clean look!
Below is an example of how a panel would look after the first layer of color is applied.
Three new and finished wine label paintings follow. One will be auctioned to raise funds for the fight against juvenile diabetes. My niece Marianna was diagnosed when she had just turned three. She has a strong personality and has done really well coping with all the blood testing and insulin shots. You might notice that "Marianna's March" is impressed into each of the wine bottles below. Marianna's mom has given the name to Marianna's support and fund-raising group. The first few years we all wore pink tee shirts while taking part in the annual fund raising walk in Johnsonburg, PA.

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