Friday, October 31, 2008

Old drawings, young people!

While I was earning my B.S. in art education at Mansfield State College (now Mansfield University) I did a few drawings of my friends. I put Dave Castano first because I have met his nephew who is currently a graduate art student here at M.U.
Below is another drawing of Dave also done in 1971. I think that Dave taught high school art in Coudersport, PA for many, many years.
Gerry Bailey is below. After earning his B.S. he went on to earn a masters in fine art at Iowa University, I think.
This self portrait was done during my second year of teaching 1973. I had begun developing my textured paintings two years earlier. I entered the drawing in an exhibition at our local bank - I was trying to get used to my new role of teaching art to about 800 local kids.

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Andrew Wales said...

I like the modern treatments within the realistic framework. Good crosshatching!