Saturday, November 8, 2008

My mind is still in the past

The following work was done about 1970. The first piece is a print - part of which was a three-color silk screen and the other part is that textured stuff made in a printing press, but using no ink. My friend & classmate Gerry signed his name g.d.bailey at that time. The last time I saw Gerry was at a cross country meet where both our daughters were competing - about 22 years ago.
Below in a linoleum print by Dave Castano who was also a friend and classmate. I think that I saw that Dave is a woodcarver now. He was an art teacher in the public schools in Coudersport. I haven't seen him in over 35 years. M.U. graduate art student Tom K told me his Uncle Dave doesn't have a computer.
Below are two versions of one of my etchings. The first has only one color. The second has a second color.

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Andrew Wales said...

Good stuff! I passed on your info to Anna Baglini. Maybe she knows what happened to some of these people.