Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Grand Canyon Photo Club has a Christmas party every December. We send five digital images of our work which are shown in a loop during our snack & visit time. I picked these five from my 2008 folders.
Above is an image from an ice storm last winter. Below are the three hot air balloons being inflated in Smythe Park.
Above is a photograph taken from my boat this fall in what I call Gee Hollow Cove on the Cowanesque Lake. Below are some of the wares for sale at the April Lewisburg Art Festival.
Below little Lana sits on Santa's lap - our friend Joe Maresco who raises money for the American Cancer Society by playing Santa.

1 comment:

Andrew Wales said...

An artist can find beauty everywhere!

I can't believe how big Lana is already. Time flies.

When I saw the top photo, I thought, "I think the best artist of all is God."