Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Digital scrapbooking!

During my time spent surfing the net, I have discovered "collagers," "journallers(?)" and scrapbook makers - hand made, ready made and digital. My favorite to date is Thrifty Collage Artist. I want to try some journal pages with family faces, but for my first attempt I have tried a digital scrapbook page.


Andrew Wales said...

Well, it looks like she has stolen your heart! That is a beautiful page. I see some Bozzo paintings in the background.

I have heard of digital scrapbooking but know nothing about it. So, you don't actually cut anything out? Is it done on Photoshop? Illuminate us!

Paul Bozzo said...

Hey Andy - That's a great idea! See the above post for illumination.

Yes, I used pieces of my paintings for some of the elements, my own photos of a flower, Lana's doll, a doily of course - I had to "cut out" the elements with my photo editing program - I also scanned some cool background prints from some paper I have. Wrapping paper would work well, too.

Suzan Buckner said...

Hello!! Thank you for saying that I am your favorite!! That was so sweet of you! I added you to my blog roll!!