Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new application! Plus new textured paintings by an art teacher and her student.

First, art student teacher Heather Ketcham, after learning my processes for making my textured paintings, has come up with the idea of decorating ceramic pieces with said processes. Clay is a natural medium for making textures. Working with clay was my first experience with making textures.
Below is a view of the side of the ceramic piece which also shows the line where the lid meets the body.
Below is Amy Radcliffe's first textured painting. Notice the diagonal flow and the subtle colorization. Hmmmm, I'm thinking.
The last piece was done by Kendra Birdsall. You might find some impressions of the little plastic clips found on a loaf of bread. It's a Kendra thing. Hmmmm, more thinking.
I do enjoy watching others work with the same materials that I've worked with for so long. I always see new ideas and fresh approaches to the material. I develop the new ideas and use them in my work. That's one way to achieve advances in my art work. Thanks.


Andrew Wales said...

Interesting approaches. I like the inclusion of mundane "throw-away" objects like bread clips.

Patel said...

Hi I am from India...and I just so love your work.....i love your designs and colours....i too have tried something similar on clay...thanks for sharing