Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ready for the Athens ARTSfest!

I have a cellar full of paintings and a garage half full. Tomorrow I'll select about 70 to box up and haul to Athens for the ARTSfest. Friday evening is set-up time. Saturday the events and artshow run from 10am until 5pm. Sunday everything starts at 10am and the show is done at 4pm. See you there!


ArtPfunk said...

Hello! I was a the Artsfest show today and purchased one of your works. It was so nice meeting you and hearing you discuss your process.

I am actually one of the founders of ArtTrader Magazine,, that featured an interview with Suzan Bukner. :) I would need to check our schedule, but if you were willing, I'd love to feature you an your art at some point!

Thanks, and I love your art,


Paul Bozzo said...

Hi Andrea - Thanks for your interest and support. Isn't the ARTSfest wonderful! I've just checked ot your magazine and found it very clear and practical with many helpful hints. I have been drawn to artists like Suzan Bukner although my work is quite different. I would be honored to be represented in your magazine. Please feel free to contact me anytime. BEst.