Saturday, August 27, 2011

MILLER'S STORE - in Blackwell, PA

Miller's Store rents bicycles for the bike trail that goes along Pine Creek. I think the trail is now nearly 40 miles long. Blackwell is near the middle. Left to right: Marianne Bozzo, Barb Most, Anne & Ruth Anne Miller greet me when I arrived. Check out the sign -

Below is Bears' Row along the entrance ramp:

Anne Miller waiting for customers:

The Gallery Room just off the main room of the store. Ruth Anne has corralled many local craftspersons and artist who display their work throughout the store.

Bob Bair's bicycle photo hangs in a prominent place. To the right is a Sassani painting - the artist also has many carvings in the store. Through the doorway is one of Ruth Anne Miller's looms so that she can work during any "slow" time.

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