Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thin verticals and horizontals

The logic used here is that the vertical pieces fit between windows and doors - and the horizontals fit over windows and doors. This logic was supplied by Connie Sickler from her famous Settlement House gallery in Sylvania, PA.

Notice the color discrepancy between the above and below images.
 Lana helped me photograph some of the piece's!


B. vera said...

wonderful art, I like this size, you can hang them vertically or horizontally, Could you please show us more pictures about the frames or show how to make them, will be very helpful to display the art. thank you

Paul Bozzo said...

Hi B.Vera - Thanks! I've had your request before and I've been planning to make a youtube video showing the complete framing process. Hopefully I'll get to it soon and I will then link it to this blog. There are two posts within this blog that explain much of my framing process - try a search on "frames" and then scroll through the posts that come up.