Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bowling birthday party for Corey & Karate graduation

Corey turned six a few days ago. His mom Lindsay had a bowling party for his kindergarten class. They did enjoy the bowling, but those bowling balls were heavy!
Below Corey shows his style!
Lindsay and her friends Becky & Bobbi help get the birthday cake ready to eat after the pizza.
Since I'm always threatening people that I'm going to put things on the world wide web, here's the scorecard from the older people who bowled one game.
That evening after the party, Corey graduated to the next level in his Karate School. He preformed as a Little Dragon with his classmates. What a nice show.
Above Corey hams it up for the camera in his new Karate outfit. Below the Little Dragons are on stage performing.

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Andrew Wales said...

The embarrassing thing is that Maggie probably would have beaten me!

Kudos to the karate champs!