Friday, August 22, 2008

A new project

Connie called from the Settlement House a couple of days ago. She has a customer who wants four "night and day - coffee cafe" paintings. Connie would like a few for her shop and the real Night & Day Coffee Cafe here in Mansfield could use a couple on its walls.
So I've started eleven. They are all plastered and coated with two layers of polymer gloss medium. Below you can see them drying in the sun on our back deck.
Speaking of which, when I built it about 12 years ago, everyone suggested that we make it LARGE. During the planning stage I told my wife that I would build the deck to the maple tree.
My wife thought that I should go past the tree and enclose it! The tree has grown and in a few years I will have to enlarge the opening for it.

1 comment:

Andrew Wales said...

That deck is awesome!

Everybody wants one of those Night and Day paintings. I am coveting one myself. It's a great theme.