Friday, August 15, 2008

Polymer lifts

As I've mentioned before, I adhere old magazine images to sections of some of my "failed" paintings. I recycle some of my work this way. Below is a large painting already cut up to some degree. The photo of Julie Christy is already framed.
The car photo on the right looks like this, up close.
A '65 Pontiac Grand Prix is on this piece of another "failed" painting.


Andrew Wales said...

Those are really cool! I love the old cars. Very pop art-ish.

Andrew Wales said...

The retro images fit really well with your style.

Have you ever done a one-man show at MU?

Paul Bozzo said...

Hey Andy - I've had three shows at M.U. The last one was the fall after I retired. One of my former, little students saw my face on TV (an ad for the show)and thought I was dead!