Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What have they done to my lake?

I'm a lucky man. There is a boat launch just 3.2 miles from my garage where I keep my 17' bass boat. There is some mine acid that enters the lake by way of the Tioga River. For years very few people fished in this Tioga Lake. Lots of fish for me! The Army Corp of Engineers has drawn the lake level down about 8' for repairs and additions to my lake's sister lake. No one can launch now. Above and below you can see what's left of the Mill Creek arm of the lake. It is a "no wake" area that held many fish. (See the striper and crappie in previous posts.) I did a little shore fishing when I took these photos. I lost a big bass, but I caught a little crappie and a bunch of snags.
You may, at one time or another, have driven over the Rt. 15 bridge north of Mansfield.
Below is a view of the rock piles placed for fish habitat before the lake was filled in the late 1970s. I won't tell you where this area is!
Below is the boat launch minus the water necessary to float your boat!

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Andrew Wales said...

It sounds like this experience has been a real "drain" on your recreational activities!

Nice photos. The first and second would make nice watercolors.