Thursday, January 1, 2009

Digital scrapbooking partially illuminated?

I've done some research to see how creative people make digital scrapbook pages (I made my own from scratch). The image below is a packaged deal - you can purchase all the "design elements" shown (each image is already cutout and separate) for between $4 - $7. Then you can arange the elements with a photo program like Adobe Elements or Paint Pro Shop. And then you can add your family photos.
There are hundreds of pages on the internet. Do a search on "digital scrapbook pages" and you will see for yourself. Three semi-random examples follow. (I picked ones that I especially liked, but show different ways of approaching the page.)
The standard seems to be 12" x 12" at 300 dpi. The package deals seem to have specific color schemes. The added photos are usually true to the scheme.
Because the purchased elements are well photographed, the final projects have a professional look.


Andrew Wales said...

I liked yours better!

Paul Bozzo said...

Thanks! I really want to use my own images and photoshop tricks - not prepackaged stuff. I'll be keeping my eyes open for things to photograph and use.

dolls like us said...

Liked what I saw a awesome job somewhat of a digital artist myself.