Friday, January 23, 2009

51 plastered boards

Below is the first batch of boards to have textures applied - you can see two joint compound buckets in the background. I estimate that I have used a third of a 5 gallon bucket of "mud." My bragging that I can do 100 paintings with one bucket might be conservative!
Since I have cutout and sanded 121 boards, I have a ways to go (70!). The textures are quite low relief - mostly between a 1/16" and 1/8". I'm sure that nowhere have I exceeded a thickness of 1/8".
The face of these 51 boards will be sanded, sealed twice with gloss polymer medium and colored with three layers of acrylic paint. Lots of drying time!
In the above detail you might be able to see that I'm still depending on doilies for a lot of the applied textures.


Andrew Wales said...

Seeing these pictures makes me want to try one. Someday I'll make a painting Bozzo style!

Paul Bozzo said...

I would be honored!

Mazatlan Meams said...

I think your art is incredible! Here's my story/question. I live in Mexico...I make crosses. I use anything from beads and stained glass to old rusty parts and pieces. Lots of found objects. I would so much like to know more about your technique if that would be possible. I can't find polymer medium here or masonite. I do have Mod Podge and I use both old and new wood in my art. Is there anyway to email a private message, ask a few questions, etc.? My name is Sandi and my email address is Hope I'm not being too forward but I'm always looking for different ideas to incorporate into my art. Thanks in advance. Sandi

Paul Bozzo said...

Dear Mazatlan - I'm sorry I missed your comment. Of course you can email questions to me at

Paul Bozzo said...

I mean Sandi - your journey in life and to Mexico sounds fascinating!