Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One color layer to go and then these 51 will be done (Except for the frames which is no small deal - since I build the frames myself.)

I have added the yellows for the first color layers. Different yellows can been seen below.
The second color layers have been mostly reds and some greens. I have to keep with my method of first layers light, second layers medium and third layers dark.
The paintings are looking quite bright and not too subtle! I will start the third layers tomorrow.


Andrew Wales said...

The bottle paintings really stand out. The lime green looks really neat.

Paul Bozzo said...

I've got three finished with the third color layer! But I'm headed out to do a little ice fishing. I will post something tomorrow.

Greg said...

We bought some of your art at the Athens Art Fest, Would like to contact you about getting more, Please email us. Greg and Sue