Monday, May 4, 2009

Athens ARTSfest 1

The ARTSfest was hugh again this year. Thousands of people walked through our little corner of the show (cafeteria #1) and many stopped to talk, look, watch and buy. Below is former MU art ed student Lynn Rosenberger talking to the art teacher/comic book maker Andy Wales.
Below Andy is pencilling the final version of a comic book page.
"Stones by Stalkers" was set up near the door to the parking lot - lots of foot traffic here!
Jillian's penguins sold out the first day, so she had to travel home to make more - another late night.
Val West and her daughter Mandy spend two days away from Mansfield (my town, too) selling gourds in the hallway between the two cafeterias. All told there were nearly 200 artisans exhibiting during the ARTSfest!

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Andrew Wales said...

I see you caught me rolling my eyes there! I wonder what I was talking about.