Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Athens ARTSfest 3

I spent both days of the ARTSfest demonstrating and talking to interested persons. Sometimes I talked to fast. I met a teacher who told me she taught science and physics. I was totally impressed, but I think she took offense when I said something like - women usually didn't know about that stuff. Sorry.
Corey posed beside "Sponge Bob" who was made by my friend Andy Wales, his students and student teacher Mat Malloy. Corey was hoping to win the raffle and take Sponge Bob home!
I believe that this year was the first to have carnival rides at the ARTSfest. Below Corey and his grandfather are on the ferris wheel.
I visit with Norm every year. His wife makes soaps and lotions and he help her. They live outside of Port Allegany about a mile from my brother-in-law's farm.


Mountain Man said...

Oh my, who is that ole fellow ??

Guess they let most anyone in !

Mr. Wales said...

If we are going to talk non-stop for two days, we are bound to stick our foot in our mouths at least once!