Friday, May 15, 2009

Three man show at North Hall, Mansfield University

Tom Kisiel sent me these photos of the ART exhibit in North Hall. His paintings are fun and serious at the same time. Below are two photo examples of his work.
Next are some of the things that Owen Crumb has made. He likes to work with natural things and uses his superior craftmanship and analytical mind to build varied things.
Below we have photos of some of Randy McKee's posters that he has designed for his artroom at the R.B.Walter Elementary School.
Isn't ART great! There are so many ways to express oneself. There are so many powerful statements to be made. There is so much wonder in what can BE.


Andrew Wales said...

I'd really like to take in that show. Thanks for posting the pictures and information. It really is very fascinating the endless possibilities of approaches by different artists.

B.Inspired Mama said...

Thanks for reminding me that I need to get up there to the Gallery while I'm home! Can't wait to see Randy's posters in person. They look great!