Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two important links

Andy Wales is the elementary art teacher in Athens, PA. He convinced me that blogging is a great way to get on the world wide web. I have still not explored all of his blog, but I highly recommend it. He does some professional cartoon work. He believes that comics are a great way to teach reading. His blog covers a wide range of interests. Be sure to read his latest adventure of Girl Power - Enigma's Path.

Jack Herger is my cousin who has been in the advertising field for quite awhile. Visit his website to see some interesting graphics and to read some clever writing. We are anxiously waiting for him to post examples of his work. He recently clarified his stand on my use of doilies in my artwork - "... they (doilies) delve a little TOO deeply into one's feminine side!"

1 comment:

Andrew Wales said...

Thanks for the link! Berger's site is very professionally looking. I'm jealous!