Thursday, January 31, 2008

The alphabet paintings

My alphabet series is made with 50 year old plastic letters. As you can see the challenge is to make them all quite different even though the letters are a constant: These two for Isabell have been made so that a friend can pick one to give to the little baby: Corey's Mimi got this alphabet for him when I was exhibiting at the Athen ARTSfest last May. Corey loves animals: Sometimes doilies are just about overpowering:
The alphabets are also a good way to compare different color combinations:

1 comment:

Andrew Wales said...

Very Jasper John-ish, but yet Bozzo-ish at the same time.

I like the very first one the best. I bet they look good in a kids room, but without being too cutsie.

My wife has banned any licensed characters from the decor of our baby's room!