Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Time for color!

After the plaster sets up and after sealing the plaster with two coats of a water-based varnish, it's time to start applying color. I generally make three "color-layers" starting with lighter colors and working towards darker. The following photos show first a yellow layer of paint. You may notice that some of the yellow has been removed. Next red has been applied over the yellow. Because the paints are semi-transparent, you will notice the color orange where the red is on top of yellow. Some places I have erased the red to expose either yellow or white.
The final color layer is a brown/green mixture. More colors have been created where overlapping occurs and where the green color has been erased. The commissioned work now has a yellow/orange layer. Stay tuned to see the next color layer added.


Richard said...

Paul, very cool! Richard

Stacey said...

amazing art work! I would like to try it. What kind of paint do you use? Thank you :)