Sunday, May 18, 2008

Other creative endeavors

Our friends Gale & Kath Largey were treated to a retirement party by their children Missy, Ben & Erin. The party was held in the Pine Creek Gorge (which is billed as Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon). The area is an example of Mother Nature's wonderful creativity.
Gale's creativity has manifested itself in filmed documentaries including one about the Austin Dam Disaster
Kath's creativity helped her through her career teaching special-needs children. This couple is a good argument against everyone being "normal." I mean that as a compliment. I couldn't help photoshopping them into a painting by Boris.
Our Tripmates Sandy & Larry Nesbit have a wonderful gate at the entrance to their property. Jeff Tice one of their neighbors designed and fabricated the entire project.
Below is a modest example of some of Jeff's metal work which, thanks to Sandy, graces our front sidewalk designed and built by Ford Hume (more on Ford later).
Jeff Tice is still working on his model train that is outside his home. The shovel in the foreground below should help give you a sense of scale.
All the bridges have been constucted by Jeff. The evergreens are some type small bushes. We here in Tioga County of Pennsylvania are blessed with many creative minds.

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Andrew Wales said...

Thanks for sharing these. Creativity manifests itself in many different ways, and is one of the things that makes life worth living. As Lynda Barry says, "This is what adults call 'art' and children call 'play'. These are great examples of that.