Saturday, May 31, 2008

Outdoor project - boathouse!

Son Nate has been getting ready for the birth of little Lana - she is due in six or seven weeks! The nursery is done. The computer room/office has been moved. The garage has given up the boat. So a concrete pad, at the second driveway to an existing storage shed, has been chosen to be the floor of a "boathouse." Below Corey is just home from school to see what we accomplished on our first day. Nate and Lindsay had to pose for the camera, too. We struck water in the rear corner. Nate burried a drain pipe to help the situation. The "workers" below are happy because we have spent some time moving the project forward. Below you can see a section of wall on the concrete pad and the first section of new concrete over the drain system.
Corey is posing with his ship/stone holder that he planned and help build.
We have some of the trusses assembled and put into place!
Almost all the trusses are up.
We have the sheathing attached to the trusses and we hope the tarpaper will hold up against the storms that are predicted.

Nate's two week working vacation is done. We will get back to work on his next day off. We are looking forward to more building and some painting. Then the best part - finishing!


Andrew Wales said...

Wow, you guys are doing it right! Is this at your house?

Paul Bozzo said...

Tomorrow we shingle! Nate is lucky enough to have a second driveway on his property that goes to the existing shed on the left of the "boathouse." We had to make the concrete pad larger. I'll try to get a photo to "set the scene."