Saturday, May 10, 2008

Success at the ARTSfest

The weather held during both days of the show. Large crowds came - about 20,000 people each day. I felt like I talked with all of them!
I was indoors. My wife Mugge stopped by and brought me a giant pastry, because she knows what I like.
Doug & Maggie and Lindsay & Corey stopped by, too. Doug suggested that I become involved with the ARTSfest two and a half years ago. Corey's stripes are in honor of his favorite animal, the zebra.
Below is one of the presents that Corey made for his mama for Mother's Day. We both worked on it, but Corey did most of the stamping!
People purchased about half the paintings that I hauled over to Athens. I was very pleased and will be back next year. Below is one of the first paintings that was sold.


Joan said...

Congrats on what sounds like a very successful show! I know I'd have been in line to buy if I lived in the area! You need to sell your work online-- Etsy maybe? Can you tell I'm drooling again? LOL

Paul Bozzo said...

Hi Joan - My plan is to post my prices soon, that way viewers would be able to consider purchasing something. (I price my stuff by size.)