Monday, May 26, 2008

Sign painting

Somehow I started painting a few signs? I got my early practice doing advertising signs for one of our Little League fields in Smythe Park in Mansfield. Below is a sign for the shooting range at the Lambs Creek Sportman's Club. I finished this sign four days ago.

My brother-in-law Gary needed a sign for his farm. His wife Bec decorated for Halloween.

Gary wanted his sports teams on the back of his Angus sign. The Celtics have had a good year and the Red Sox are tough, but no comment about the Dolphins.

Christine cuts my wife's and my hair. I did the sign below for her shop. She'll be glad that I put her in the photo.
Jim Hufnagel used to raise strawberries and needed a sign. His wife El taught in my elementary school for years and years.


Andrew Wales said...

Great looking signs! What kind of paint do you use for them? Acrylic? Is it a special sign paint? What about brushes -- just regular brushes? Do you paint some kind of protective coating over them?

I've done some before but was disappointed with how they weathered over time.

Paul Bozzo said...

Hey Andy -
I use oil-based primer and two coats of a good exterior white house paint. Then I do the letters with oil-based Rustoleum. They hold up pretty well - 7 to 8 years if the edges are protected. I have a couple of square-tipped, sable brushes that work for me.

Andrew Wales said...

Good to know!