Thursday, June 12, 2008

Low stone wall

We recently had seven large spruce trees (diseased) removed from our lot and replaced with 10 small hemlocks. I've been busy putting a low stone wall around the new trees.
I was stalled until yesterday when I found a new business about 20 miles from home - Stoney Fork Natural Stone - which is shown below. I needed more stones with a straight side. (This place is run by an accommodating man. He has a quarry fairly nearby and literally tons and tons of stone.)
I've learned to use curves from Ford Hume. His son Chris layed up the first two stone walls on our property.
Tomorrow the mulch arrives to help dress up the area.

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Andrew Wales said...

I think retired people work harder than anybody! Jeesh, busy guy. Will we see Wildon the hulking dude on this site? I thought it turned out pretty good!