Sunday, June 15, 2008


Sometimes I get out on our little lake (3.2 miles from my house to the boat launch). Last Saturday one of my fishing buddies went with me. Denny likes to go early so we were on the lake before 6 a.m. with some mild haze and fog. We were fishing for crappie with light line, some minnows and jig spinners. This big hybrid striper was tempted to bite by a 1.5" minnow.
The fish was so strong that I thought the photo below was the only one I was going to get of him. It took almost 30 minutes for Denny to tire the fish enough to get him near the boat so I could net him. (Not a great fit for my little net!) Check out the size of the hook (#14 treble) - only one little barb held that big fish!

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Andrew Wales said...

That's the kind of story that if you didn't have the pictures, we wouldn't have believed you!