Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Special project

When I was a young art teacher, I was expected to finish 24 additional college credits during my first six years of teaching. I took numerous art courses at Mansfield University. One summer, in a painting class, we were asked to design large paintings to be hung at the university. Our materials were paid for by the art department. Since 1975 this 6 foot by 8 foot painting has hung in a stairway in the Grant Science Center. The painting is comprised of 48 square pieces - many of them done in with my "textured painting" proceedures.
It was quite a sight when a friend, Jerry Bailey, helped me carry the finished work across Rt. 6 to the campus!

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Andrew Wales said...

It's nice that they kept it and have taken good care of it.

It was always fun to carry large canvases up the hill to the Art Hut, too. Sometimes, they'd almost pick you right up off the ground, hang glider style!