Thursday, June 5, 2008

Commission - music!

One of my summer school students, Rebecca A, came up with this idea. She is going to gift her high school music teacher, and she asked me to create a music painting. Here is one of my answers to this fun little project.
Below, of course, I had to try sneaking a doily into the composition:
Rebecca made a drawing to be a guideline for what she was hoping I could make:
Below is a literal translation of the drawing. I did add a few letters.Below is the treble clef that I made with thin strips of matboard.


Andrew Wales said...

Very nice! I can just hear the music when I see it. I didn't know you're teaching summer school. Is that going on right now?

Paul Bozzo said...

Last summer, I took on a job teaching for one week at the M.U. Art Camp. I wanted to put myself in a situation sort of like my student teachers would find themselves in - new room, new kids, high school age group. I figured that I would be more in tune to the problems and solutions of student teaching!

Morningwhispers said...

these pieces are incrediable I love them thanks for posting them