Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ABC - Jim Gurney's Art By Committee

I'm struggling to get back in "drawing" shape. I'm trying to work larger again (like I did back in the 70s). The prompt for this week's ABC is "she was stiff and clumsy with rage. White blonde hair spilled ..." At least I got the clumsy. Go to Gurney Journey to see how others solved this prompt.
I've mentioned to myself to make a drawing area in my cellar "studio" so that might happen soon - hopefully that will help!


Andrew Wales said...

I like it! Interesting effects with the background shading. Did you alter the image with Photoshop afterwards or did you draw it that way?

Paul Bozzo said...

I did add the flat gray with a paint brush tool. I have to get some good ebony pencils with the oversized leads so that I can work large AND fast!

Andrew Wales said...

Have you ever used those woodless pencils that are all lead in a plastic coating? YOWZA!