Thursday, September 11, 2008

Early experience with textures

During my years in college at Mansfield University, I liked to work with clay because of the opportunities to add texture to my artwork. Below are three pieces done on the potter's wheel with textures added.
The bowl above was just given back to me by my friend Marie Henninger who had a silk flower arrangement in it for about thirty years. (It reached the end of its shelf life!)
I used iron oxide (rust) for some of the coloring. I rubbed it on, then off. Much would be left in the textures. (Very similar to the painting steps I use to color my textured paintings.)
When I began developing my textured paintings, I viewed them as a poor man's substitute for clay.

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Andrew Wales said...

You need to get a wheel for that basement now! Nice pieces. The things I threw on the wheel always turned out wobbly and not very high.