Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new wedding painting

Here is the plaster with two coatings of gloss polymer medium.
Below the first color layer was done with yellow oxide and cadmium yellow. It is easy to see where I have removed the yellow.
The second color layer is an orange with some cadmium red. Again it is quite easy to see where I have removed some of the orange.
The third color layer has been done with a mixture of pthalo green and burnt umber. Lots of erasing was necessary to get back to the yellows and oranges.
Finally, I have added green washes in a few areas and some gold highlights in the doily textures.

I have painted a coating of polymer medium after each color layer.


Andrew Wales said...

Very nice! Something about this reminds me of the paintings of Umberto Boccioni of the Futurism painting movement.

Brenda said...

Beautiful! This has to be one of my favourites. How do you get the straight lines?
I have recently given this a try. You make it look so easy. Everything comes together so perfectly. I have a couple more questions for you. Do you do anything to your dolies before working with the, ie. starch? Also, what type of sealer do you use in between coats, is it matte or gloss?
Thank you for postings, they have truly inspired me to reconnect with my creative side.

Paul Bozzo said...

Hi Brenda - Please go the a recent post that has a video - it covers everything I do. I have some metal rulers for straight lines and I just use lots of water with the doilies. Good luck getting back to creating!