Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Wedding paintings"

I have called these large paintings "wedding paintings." Many have been given as wedding gifts - hence the nickname. They are 36" wide and 24" tall.

The following painting was done for Mike & Carmen - notice the large 'C' in the upper left corner and the 'M' near the middle -
Brandi and Matt decorated their living room around the requested purple and green of this wedding gift - The following was not given as a wedding gift - Britta's husband Bill liked this painting, so she bought it for him on his birthday - This was a very late wedding gift to my cousin Peter and his wife Peggi - Last summer we traveled to St. Clair (north of Detroit) to see Ryan & Laura married. They wanted lots of blue in their gift -


n00725 said...

Mr. Bozzo,

One of my favorite teachers from Warren L Miller. I have enjoyed checking up on your blog. While growing up I had a similar "Sofa Art" sized painting of yours on our living room wall and in all those years of art classes, I never stood by the duck!

Jesse LeBlanc
Sacramento, CA

Anna said...

Paul Bozzo!

Have you managed to get that music yet? :)

I really like these pieces and the variety of shapes and colors - interesting compositions make all of us art geeks happy. :) You're getting very popular around Mansfield these days, I see you have a lot of work down in Night and Day. Very nice.

Andrew Wales said...

Sofa, so good! Sorry, I never can resist a pun. Some call it pun-ishment.

There's a lot of good energy in these.

"Standing by the duck" is something only your students and those who know of your discipline strategy could understand! Too funny.

Paul Bozzo said...

Thanks Jesse - I was good to hear from you and what an adventure you must be having in CA! - practically another country! I'll devote a post to the (Daffy) Duck soon. And Anna it's true, I really do like your music better than your Dad's - his is pretty good, but it's old! Sorry Andy, but I HAVE enjoyed how you set songs that match your posts. If I can fout how to add music, I hope to post a few tunes that mention painting? Anna told me enough to get started when I find the time.

Andrew Wales said...

Doh! Sorry, musically I am stuck back in the 70's. But, hey, Anna listens to that old music too.

It is very easy to add music to your site. If you go to and create a playlist, then you can paste the html code on to your site.

Anna probably already told you that. If you get stuck, let me know.

Andrew Wales said...

Hey, I just noticed there is music! Good stuff, too! I just may have to check out some music from this century. Hmmmm.....

n00725 said...
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n00725 said...

Of all the wedding gifts I received this one was the most meaningful. I posted the first comment on "Wedding Paintings" on Feb 6th and mentioned the famous duck. A few days before my wedding which was June 29th I got the coolest wedding painting from my mother and sure enough it was a Bozzo classic WITH THE DUCK!! My wife Maria loves it. The colors and shapes awesome! It's like a part of our family. Thank you so much.

Jesse & Maria LeBlanc

Wedding Painting 1

Wedding Painting 2