Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daffy Duck (the DUCK)

While I was the art teacher in the W.L. Elementary School, I painted Daffy Duck near the front door. It was a "time-out" area for those kids that temporarily forgot how to behave! If you were sent there, you had to stand for five minutes facing the class so that you wouldn't miss any instruction. You also had too listen to me one-on-one:
As you can see, Daffy wasn't very big. I like to think that he helped maintain order in the art room: In one corner, I built an art loft that was used by two students each class. Everyone got a turn. The idea came from Mrs. Dalton's husband who built a reading loft in a second grade classroom: Near the end of the day, I liked to sneak down to Mrs. Nesbit's third grade room so I could listen to her read part of a good book to her kids. James and the Giant Peach & The Rats of Nimh are two that I remember: I missed the first seven weeks of school one year while recouperating from a broken neck. The kids had made many, many footprints for me to follow so that I could find my way back to the art room:

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Andrew Wales said...

"Thlufferin' Thuckotash!" as Daffy would say.

Judging by the footprints, it looks like the kids in that school were glad to have their art teacher back.