Thursday, February 14, 2008

The "studio" and a special Guest Artist!

My "studio" is in the cellar of our home. It is a great space compared to the cellars in our first two houses. My head doesn't hit the rafters and there are three windows. I've built in a lot of the storage space and tool holders (is the TV a tool?):
The following photo shows that I have my work cut out for me. (That's for Andy!) The panels are primed and ready to go: I share the space with the furnace and hot water heater. Here are many framed, smaller works ready for the Athens ARTSfest which is the first weekend every May: My guest artist is named Corey. He was my fishing buddy last summer and now he is my grandson. His mom Lindsay married my son Nate about five weeks ago. In this photo I asked him to look serious! The painting shows Corey and Nate with a phone-like thing to call Lindsay if they need help. The orange bird is ready to catch a worm: Here Corey is sitting on my easy chair where I have been known to sneak a nap. His tongue shows the level of his concentration while he colors a piece of wood. He calls my "studio" the art room:

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Andrew Wales said...

I am very jealous of that studio! Right now I have taken over part of Anna's room when she is away at school. We are looking at houses now and I hope to have a space and Anna can have her room back.

Thanks for the glimpse into your process. It is very inspirational. Not everyone realizes that making art is a lot of work. It is fun work, but it is work.

You gotta watch us punsters. It is contagious!~