Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Settlement House 1

The building is located about 15 miles east of Mansfield on Rt. 6 in Sylvania, PA. Connie Sickler's husband Greg originally made this "show house" to advertise his business. He makes post & beam homes and buildings. Connie left her position as an art teacher about six years ago and created the Settlement House - a gallery of many hand-made objects. There are weavings, pottery, carvings, jewelery, baskets, turned wood, quilts, maple syrup, prints, wall hangings and my textured paintings. And probably more things which I can't recall. She represents many craftspeople and artisans in the beautiful setting shown in the following two photographs.
Connie Sickler sells prints of her detailed and complex watercolor paintings. She works from "still lifes" that are set up in the basement room. If you visit, you might get to see a work in progress! The following example is titled "Caged Fears."

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Andrew Wales said...

We stopped there on the way to MU when we were taking Anna to college in the fall. It is a beautiful gallery. If you are an artsy person, I'd highly recommend a visit.