Monday, February 25, 2008

Chicken Barbeque Success

At 7 am on a cold, February morning, we began lighting the charcoal so that we could barbeque 300 chicken halves.
By using Arnie Brion's secret sauce, we were able to keep a steady flow of smoke following us wherever we stood.
Arnie designed and built the portable grill. The chickens became golden brown after a couple of hours. The chicken wrappers were well prepared to begin wrapping. I know that they will be disappointed that their faces don't show! All the chicken was sold by 11:45 am. I do paint a few signs so it was only natural that I would volunteer to do our fund-raising sign. We did raise $124,000 to renovate the outside of our library. Each year Mary Sirgey volunteers me to paint something to advertise the summer reading program - "Scales and paws, tails and claws" was the theme. This year the theme is "Catch the reading bug at your library." So I have bugs to paint soon!

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Andrew Wales said...

That is an awesome sign! Great characters!